Open Positions:

Project Manager

An Anchor Builders Project Manager will act as primary interface between customers, and internal/external construction project teams. The PM will oversee and manage all activities of the project including executing client and contract requirements, planning, and scheduling. The PM ensures that project scope and objectives are accomplished within prescribed time frame and budget.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

  • Assisting in developing project estimates by playing an active role in pre-bid walk-throughs and presentations, and reviewing project scope and understanding with trade partners and internal teams

  • Attending and playing an active role in pre-construction meetings as applicable

  • Ensuring proper and timely permit application and processing for assigned projects

  • Overseeing and managing all scheduling within the project management tool, ensuring that all parties are informed in a timely/real time manner

  • Creating, tracking, and maintaining timelines – including lead times/lost time communications, change orders, solutions, and negotiations

  • Overseeing and managing the work and conduct of trade partners in the field

  • Overseeing and managing project site from pre-construction to project closeout

  • Practice mindfulness of financial health of projects by overseeing procurement of materials/labor, requesting purchase orders, executing change orders, reviewing project allowances/invoices, and working with Business Ops

  • Achieve clear communication with trade partners and customers on changes and/or solutions in order to maintain an efficient and well-run project

  • Prepares project reports and logs working hours as required

  • Continue to be contact person for all warranty items in the year following project closeout, along with performing one year follow up with customer

  • Staying nimble with changes and requests made by leadership team

The Project Manager position is subject to revisions from time to time as the company
evolves or as directed by owners.

Carpentry Foreman

An Anchor Builders Carpentry Foreman will act as primary interface between Project Managers and the crew under them, and the Operations Manager of Anchor Builders. The Foreman will oversee and manage all activities of the framing crew including executing weekly reporting requirements, planning, and scheduling as laid out below. The Foreman ensures that project framing scope and objectives are accomplished within prescribed time frame and extras/change orders are recorded.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Inform team on where to be when new jobs start

  • Meet with project manager on site at the start of every job to review plans and discuss details

  • Procure appropriate contact info needed for project from       

    • Lumber Salesman

    • Truss Designer

    • Architect / Designer

    • Structural Engineer

    • Project Manager

    • Designer

    • Etc.

  • Hold daily field huddles with team

  • Calling out examples of core values, growth opportunities, questions around weather, maintain crew comradery

  • Give clear expectations to crew members of what is to be done daily

  • Prep team on ways to stay productive when foreman will be absent (with at least a full day or more of notice)

  • Be to job site on time every day to unlock trailer

  • Ensure that all tools are in the trailer and trailer is secured at the end of each day

  • Supply gas and diesel for equipment as needed

  • Order nails and other supplies as needed

  • Monitor, repair, and replace tools as needed

  • Monitor and maintain all quality and thoroughness of your team’s workmanship

    •  Foreman will bear ultimate responsibility for any and all poor workmanship, incompleteness, and mistakes of the team

  • Review in advance and communicate all material as needed to the Project Manager in a timely manner, ie. trusses, beams, 1st floor and 2nd floor loads, hardware etc.

  • Control lumber usage and minimize waste

  • Contact directly and schedule crane service as needed

  • Contact directly and schedule any repairs needed on forklift

  • Inform PM when dumpster switch out is needed

  • Notify  Operations Manager (John) if truck or trailer needs maintenance

  • Ensure field team is following Anchor’s core values and maintains a positive Anchor image

  • Maintain proper discipline of team

  • Monitor site and team safety practices

  • Keep track of setbacks due to weather, unclear plans, on site mistakes, absence of crew members etc.

  • Provide a weekly report email to  Operations Manager (John) on the status of project which includes timeline update, punctuality of personnel, and tracking of extras

  • Keep in touch with Operations Manager (John) on when next project is needed

  • Track daily tasks progress on framing spreadsheet provided by Operations Manager (John), include photo of this in weekly report email

  • Be mindful of production and deadlines, encourage/lead team to continuing improvement

  • Make sure all extra materials are stacked up neatly and the lumberyard is notified of returns readiness

  • Maintain safe and clean jobsite

  • Ensure that street, sidewalk etc. is clear of all mud, materials and equipment at end of each day

  • Communicate to Operations Manager (John) when trailer needs to be moved from job to job, schedule accordingly.

The Foreman’s position and duties is subject to revisions from time to time as the company evolves or as directed by owners Operations Manager.

Framing Carpenter

Whether you are just starting out, or have decades of experience under your tool belt, we'll provide the training, tools, and environment to help you move forward and grow in your career.

Your position will be full-time year round with local job sites throughout the Twin Cities metro area. Other classifications and compensation include but not limited to: continuous on-the-job training, advancement opportunities, company power tools, full benefits package, holiday & vacation pay and much more!

Demonstrated Capabilities

  • Enthusiasm and professionalism to work in a manner that is consistent with Anchor Builders core values.

  • Ability to work independently and as a team member, to prioritize and perform work in a busy structure environment

  • Willingness and desire to work outdoors, performing physical labor duties

  • Willingness to constantly improve

  • Follow established safety rules and regulations and maintain a safe and clean environment-

  • Participate in community building events

    If you are hard working, and motivated, you'll find a wealth of choice to advance your career in our company.

We're ready for you to join our team!

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